Converting data into personalized cancer care.

Bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning to cancer care

We work end-to-end through development, validation, and clinical trials to build and ensure artificial intelligence tools improve outcomes for patients.

Predicting and reducing the side effects of cancer therapies

We predict side effects with computational approaches to enable early management and reduction to improve cancer care.

Improving treatment of prostate cancer

We create algorithms to predict outcomes and identify the best personalized treatments for patients with prostate cancer.

Optimizing the delivery of cancer care

We develop approaches to anticipate the needs of patients with cancer to ensure they have the resources they need before they need them.

Integrating clinical knowledge and data science

We integrate knowledge of the underlying details of clinical data with machine learning expertise to guide algorithmic development.










Contact us

UCSF Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute

Box 2933

490 Illinois St, Floor 2

San Francisco, CA 94158

julian [dot] hong [at] ucsf [dot] edu

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